End-to-end delivery.

Delivering powerful communications to attract and retain life-long donors.

Across the sector, retention rates are declining at a rapid rate.

At Precision, we are passionate about delivering donor-centric communications that inspire donor loyalty. It’s about crafting messages that celebrate your donor’s generosity and give them insight into the impact of their giving.

Let us help you cultivate stronger relationships with your donors and potential supporters through compelling direct mail and digital communications.

Love your Donors

Precision Fundraising works in partnership with fundraisers like you to deliver unique and powerful communications to attract and retain life-long donors.

Our aim is to bring your organisation and supporters together in ways that engage and inspire—so their generosity can bring more good into the world.

And because Precision is the only supplier of end-to-end solutions for donor communications, we are the only partner you will need for fundraising.

When you team up with Precision, you will have a dedicated account manager who will deliver a total fundraising service.

And endless solutions to your fundraising challenges.


Our first priority is to understand your unique offering, the individual challenges you face, and the paths that can lead to success. We use this knowledge and our deep industry experience to develop powerful strategies that resonate with and inspire your donors and potential supporters: ensuring that your goals are met—and more.

Creative & Copy

People bond with organisations that tell stories that resonate and create an emotional response. By combining compelling copy, design and imagery, we deliver campaigns that are memorable and emotional…and inspire people to donate to your cause. Your stories, combined with our team’s insights and fundraising best practice, ensure your copy and creativereinforces the impact of your supporter’s generosity.


Our approach to media is designed to ensure you reach the right people at the right times in the right places—in all the ways we communicate today. Whether that’s a direct mail package, an email, social media or a ping on a mobile phone,our focus is to increase awareness and drive results for you across channels.

Research & Analytics

Good decisions are data-drivenand should be based on what worked, or did not, on previous campaigns. Thanks to our relentless drive to learn what works and why, we constantly collect data and analyse reports on everything we do. These findings allow us to continually optimise for impact—and do it in real time. So, the donor communications we producedon’t just work harder; they work better.


We offer full in-house production services for seamless execution of all your fundraising campaigns. And with a dedicated Account Manager by your side, you will have a single point of contact to manage your campaign from start to finish.

By controlling all the critical processes, we are able to deliver a transparent and timely solution. Unlike other Agencies that typically engage external suppliers for almost every part of a campaign’s execution, Precision combines agency and manufacture under the one roof.

This unique capacity ensures you do not incur excessive outsourcing mark-ups on top of manufacture margin, enabling you to extract maximum value from your fundraising budget.

Eliminating the need for multiple outsourced suppliers will also give you back valuable hours in your day while reducing risk and unnecessary delays.


When you partner with Precision, you will have a critical competitive advantage. That’s because our innovation and technological solutions will help you work smarter, not harder. After spending time to fully understand your needs and activities, we deploy new and emerging technologies to facilitate campaign automation wherepossible.

We work with you to map out the channels of communication, define optimal donor lifecycle touchpoints and most importantly, track how your donors want to engage.

This automation technology enables an effective donor-centric communication program to be delivered with maximum efficiency and a minimum of effort, helping to enhance and deepen your relationship with your supporters.

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